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Why you Should Refrain From Taking to Garage Door Spring Replacement Yourself

Your garage door is designed to serve multiple purposes and is rightly considered as one of the most important household equipment by many experts. This device not only helps you in parking your car safely but it also safeguards your interests by helping you thwart break-ins and burglary attempts. A sturdy and durable garage door also adds to the curb appeal of your garage.

Your garage door, just like any other mechanical equipment, comprises several parts, each one of them designed to perform a pre-determined set of activities every time the door is opened or closed. Of these parts, garage door springs are counted amongst the most important ones.

Garage door springs perform the important function of counterbalancing the weight of a bulky door, thus making it easy to operate. For example, for a garage door weighing 100 lbs., its garage door springs need to generate an equal force of 100 lbs. to pull against the weight of the door.

Garage door springs, even when theyre broken, remain under great tension and if they are mishandled, they can cause the entire garage door to collapse unexpectedly and cause damage to life and property.

This is the reason why tasks such as torsion spring replacement, garage door spring replacement and other such repairs are considered highly dangerous. Also, garage door spring repair tasks may include replacement of parts tied to the spring system, which calls for a thorough and detailed understanding of the mechanisms and functioning of these parts.

Most garage door accidents are caused due to ineffective and inefficient handling of garage door springs by homeowners attempting a DIY. It is for these reasons that you should never try to replace or repair a broken torsion spring or a broken extension spring yourself. Availing yourself of expert services will not only help you in avoiding injuries, they will also help you ensure that no further damage is caused to the garage door spring or other interconnected parts.

If youre in Aurora and are looking for a trusted and reliable expert, we at Garage Door Repair Aurora would be happy to extend our services to you. Our professionals have been carrying out repair and replacement tasks pertaining to garage door torsion springs and extension springs for years and are well aware of the safety procedures to be followed.

Your project will be designed in accordance with these guidelines to ensure that no damage to life or property is caused during and after the completion of your project.

We replace all types of garage door springs, irrespective of their size and nature. We also provide lifetime warranty on garage door springs sold by us, which is an important service assurance given the fact that these parts function under high stress levels and are prone to break downs.

You too can avail yourself of the garage door spring warranty by shopping with us, which will enable you in avoiding unanticipated garage door torsion spring repair costs. We assure you that all your concerns will be addressed in a planned and phased manner.

Providing Specialized Spring Repair Services at Affordable Rates

Our capability of providing quality and highly technical garage door spring repair and other services at affordable prices is one of our major USPs. Our experts follow a comprehensive approach while providing garage door services, which include tackling the root cause of a problem.

We also deal in heavy duty springs for garage doors, which are designed especially for heavier and bulkier garage doors. You can also contact us to get an apt torsion spring replacement for garage door. Our experts also provide consultation services and can help you out in case youre confused about finding a proper match for your garage door.

We understand that availing garage door spring repair and other services comes at a price, which is the reason why many homeowners keep on procrastinating their garage door maintenance schedules. This is an unhealthy practice and can result in many major problems going unnoticed over a period of time. These issues can prove to be quite problematic at later stages and can hurt you financially. Plus, were all aware of the perils associated with using a malfunctioning garage door.

To address this issue and to encourage homeowners to get regular maintenance, repair and replacement services, we charge a justifiable amount as our service fee and try to keep a check on our prices.

How Do You Gain By Availing Yourself of Our Services?

Garage door problems, especially the ones pertaining to garage door springs, can be anything but predictable. These issues can arise at any time of the day. In order to ensure that youre always prepared to tackle such problems, we provide 24/7 services, 365 days a year.

You just need to call our representatives and register your service request with us. Once you have done this, our representatives will apprise the technical team of the nitty-gritty of your case. We also assure you that our team will report to your site within an hour.

We also take up emergency cases, which include providing troubleshooting services at the drop of a hat. Such problems are treated on a priority basis and the solutions are provided within the same day itself to ensure that a homeowner does not face any further inconvenience or hassles due to a malfunctioning garage door.

Providing prompt services also includes offering solutions to undiagnosed problems, which is one of the ways of ensuring that the growth of these issues is arrested at the primary stages of its development, thus preventing the issues from getting snowballed into major problems.

All these services are provided at no extra cost.

Leave all Your Garage Door Hassles to us

So you now know what to do if garage door spring breaks. Were just a phone call away in Aurora. To schedule an appointment, you can call our representatives any time. Someone from our technical team will give you a call before leaving for your facility.

Our responsibilities are not restricted to providing a solution to your garage door issues. Our team will also ensure that the site where the job was executed is restored to its previous state. Moreover, you can even schedule an appointment according to your convenience.

We assure you of providing a sustainable solution to all your garage door spring repair and other issues.

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Customer Reviews

John did a wonderful job, and I was overwhelmed by his professionalism.

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Technician was perfect! Great customer service!

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Muller was very supportive ad courteous during his visits and work. He had great responsiveness to detail and did what he assured. Based upon my communications with him, I like to recommend GDS to others.

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I'm very satisfied. Karls was very dedicated, professional and experienced.

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The technician was great. He was polite & explained options for upgrading my garage door. I will always recommend GDS in the future.

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Two thumbs up for GDS Garage Door Services. Fast, trained and well-mannered technician.

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Service was excellent, appropriate, everything you could ask for. Thank you so much.

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We needed the broken garage door spring fixed. We ordered service on line and it was fixed the next day within 3-4 hours. The service guy was experienced and efficient.

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